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Kaitlyn Marshall
12/13/2018 9:13am

5 Tips to Stay #HolidayProof This Season

The holidays can be stressful. We totally get it. When you’ve reached your wits’ end with last-minute holiday shopping, company outings, and coping with the after effects of drinking too much spiked eggnog, maintaining a consistent workout routine and a balanced diet is oftentimes the last thing on your mind.

What if we told you that your workout can make you #HolidayProof?

Lacking the energy to wrap gifts until wee hours of the morning? Start your day with a workout.

Need to get away from the in-laws? Sweat out your frustrations.

Eat a few too many gingerbread cookies? No problem, you can burn those off at the studio.

Don’t lose sight of these 5 essential tips to help you be stronger than the holidays.


1.   Prebook your workouts through the first week in January. This will give you the added layer of accountability to show up and get moving. Make yourself a priority this season, and the rest of your schedule will fall into place. Orangetheory is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. As you can imagine, members will be flocking to the studio come January 1st to kick off their New Year resolutions strong. So why wait? Book your classes NOW and guarantee your spot.

2.   Lose the “all-or-nothing” mindset. You may think, what’s the point of scheduling a workout when you’re just going to indulge in decadent treats all day long? It’s time to rethink your strategy. Working out beforehand will, in actuality, give you the mental strength to resist the temptations of those holiday goodies! Plus, the afterburn from your workout will help you torch calories long after your workout has ended. So, even if that cookie is just too tempting to resist, don’t sweat it. Your body will burn it off faster with a morning workout under your belt.

3.   Continue to ground yourself with balanced meals when you are eating at home. Build your plate around lean proteins and colorful, whole plant-based fruits and vegetables. The consistent protein will ensure that you will continue to maximize strength gains throughout the season – and also help you feel satisfied longer. For maximal efforts, aim for 20 to 30 grams of protein every 3 to 4 hours. By volumizing your plate with plant fiber, you’ll boost powerful plant nutrients and also reduce your hunger vulnerability at your social gatherings.

4.   Don’t sweat alone. “Home for the holidays” can mean family overload, sibling rivalry, and houseguests galore. When the house is feeling cramped, this is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend to experience the magic of the Orange Zone for the first time. Who knows, you may change their life! Just be sure to call the studio to register your guest ahead of time.

5.   Be proud of yourself. Focusing on your overall health is challenging enough without the added distractions of holiday shopping, party planning, or getting ready for company. When you’ve prioritized health and wellness during your busy holiday schedule, take this opportunity to celebrate you. Reward a productive day with an extra-long hot shower, cozying up on your couch to your favorite movie or novel, or taking the night off from cooking by ordering in from your favorite (but healthy) restaurant! Always be kind to yourself. 


Life can be stressful, especially during the holidays. But remember, regular high-intensity cardiovascular exercise helps condition the body to deal with stress and reduce the negative impact it causes on your body. If you can conquer the Orangetheory Fitness workout three days a week, the stress from a lively family debate or repressing cravings for cookies is suddenly no big deal.

Make exercise a priority this holiday season to keep your mind clear and focused so that you can be present and enjoy this special time with your loved ones. The only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do.

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Kaitlyn Marshall
12/03/2018 1:32am

Summertime and Your Fitness is Fine: How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Summertime is rapidly approaching, which means school is out and summer travel is in! And although this change in season and mindset may seem like a reason to abandon your fitness routine, it’s quite the opposite. Sticking to your fitness goals all while having fun is easier than you might think!

Here are some tips to get your fitness on the go in the summertime.

Utilize Transit as Hydration Time

In order to avoid fatigue and dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your trip. Staying hydrated, especially when flying or spending long amounts of time in a car, is essential to an effective workout.

Here’s a tip: contemplate snagging an aisle seat for those frequent bathroom breaks!

Use the OTbeat App Outdoors

Luckily for travelers or outdoor fanatics, the OTbeat app can record out of studio workouts. With this feature, you are able to easily monitor your workout goals. Be sure to use this app for hiking trails, walks/runs in a park and more. Think of this as your vitamin A or B to your 60-minute multivitamin, aka your Orangetheory class. You can bet your time in the studio has prepared you to take on any summit or excursion you want to conquer in your travels. That’s how you’re getting more out of life!

Be sure to schedule these outdoor activities early in the day to not only beat the summer heat, but to kickstart your day in a healthy, energetic way.

Take Turns Watching the Kids

This summer, it may be difficult to find a babysitter during your 60 minutes of personal time at the studio. However, you and your significant other, friend, or family member can take turns watching the little ones. For instance, while one parent takes the workout, the other can take the kids to lunch at a restaurant nearby. After the workout is over, you’d switch!

If your child is of age to take a class alongside you, you can take this opportunity to solidify the importance of personal fitness that undoubtedly leads to living longer, more vibrant lives. Think of it as two hours contributing to your family’s health as well as a family outing. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Use Wearables as Friendly Competition

On the go, you have to fit in activity wherever and whenever you can. This includes walking instead of Ubering or public transit. Luckily, our new wearables can track exercise functionality, distance, steps and more! What better way to prove that you’re improving? Friendly competition with those who can walk the furthest makes strolling and checking out the local scene more fun. Plus, you’d be surprised at how many miles you will log.

Utilize Other Studios

With almost 1,000 Orangetheory studios in both the U.S. and in other countries, there are plenty of opportunities to stay in shape while traveling! In fact, you can add an Orangetheory workout to your travel itinerary and visit with family and friends. Many members love the opportunity to check out other studios in other states and countries to experience their unique culture and local flare. But rest assured, the workout you know and love is consistent across every Orangetheory location. By using our booking app, you will be able to conveniently book classes when creating travel arrangements. How’s that for accountability?

With locations open in Australia, Canada, UK, and Japan and several other countries, you might as well add an international workout to your bucket list. Plus, you may make some new friends in class that you can see the next time you visit.

Consider a Vacation Rental Instead of a Hotel

Eating healthy on vacation can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. With a kitchen nearby, you can be sure that you and your family stay on track with fitness goals. One way to do this is to rent a vacation home instead of a hotel. Not only will you be able to eat and cook healthily, but you could also save money on expensive hotel fees.

With Orangetheory’s EPOC or “afterburn” effect that keeps your body torching calories long after your workout is completed, you can strike the perfect balance between eating feel-good foods in moderation, while maintaining your level of personal fitness.

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Orangetheory makes it simple to stay fit at home and on the go for the summertime. So what are you waiting for? Schedule time in for class on vacation and get pumped for that afterburn!

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Kaitlyn Marshall
12/03/2018 1:32am

The Secret to Getting Healthy? Hit the Sheets.

If you’ve committed to a workout routine, paired with a healthy diet, you may think you’re doing everything right for your body and for your health. However, meeting deadlines at work may have resulted in late nights at the office, or, on the other end, an intriguing Netflix drama may have sucked you in, each episode ending on a cliffhanger that will only be resolved by watching the next one. Pretty soon, 12am has become your normal bed time, and you’ve trained your body to function on the bare minimum sleep requirements.

You get by the first few weeks, but then you notice a level of fatigue that’s not doing you any favors. Your reliance on coffee and sugar become a standard operating procedure first thing in the morning to get your mind and body turned on. Next, you notice you’re suddenly getting sick more often throughout the year, maybe even resulting in an infection or two. You think, it’s nothing antibiotics can’t fix.  

As the years go by, your doctor alarms you with the news that you’re now facing a chronic disease. 

How, with a healthy diet and committed workout routine, does the risk of chronic disease appear? What’s wrong with this equation? The not-so-obvious problem that’s facing people today is simply a lack of shuteye.  

Sleep is Vital to Your Workout Routine 

Instead of using your workout as a replacement for sleep, use sleep to enhance your workouts. Whether you’re new to the Orangetheory brand or you’re a seasoned Orangetheory veteran, research supports the fact that you need a substantial energy reserve to get the most out of the interval training experience. Our workout incorporates strength training to create microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. Don’t confuse these micro tears with major muscle tears that result in injury, however. Micro tears are completely necessary for your muscles to grow. While many of us think that taking a couple rest days is enough to repair our muscles from the wear and tear during exercise, the best way to heal and rebuild is to hit the reset button with 8 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep a night. Your body will thank you for the opportunity to recharge and let the changes from your workout take effect. 

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Body 

One of the best things about our workout is that it’s your hour to disconnect and leave your stress at the door. You also should disconnect from your devices at bedtime! In fact, our sleep cycle is heavily influenced by artificial light that burns bright during nighttime hours. This exposure to environmental light suppresses the effect of melatonin, the natural hormone in your body that helps induce sleep. A lack of sleep also disrupts other hormones produced in your body that directly affect weight gain, releasing more ghrelin (the hormone that increases hunger) while decreasing your leptin levels (the hormone that suppresses your appetite). Because sleep is so intricately weaved in your body’s metabolic processes, a lack thereof can have profound implications on your body’s natural process of converting what you consume into energy. In addition, when you deplete your body of sleep on a recurring basis, your body soon becomes resistant to insulin, a hormone that absorbs glucose (or sugar) levels in the body. Becoming insulin-resistant makes your body prone to weight gain and diabetes, among other weight-related chronic diseases. 

The Science of Sleep 

The benefits of sleep to optimize physical performance and appetite control are only part of the equation. The list of benefits you receive with 8 hours of sleep under your belt contribute to the following: 

  1. Protects your immune system from harmful substances, acting as a shield to fight off common infections. 
  2. Boosts your intellectual functions, memory, concentration, alertness, judgement and mood. It’s essential for your brain to work at its best! 
  3. Affects stress hormones, equipping you with the patience to deal with daily struggles and inconveniences we encounter. 
  4. Supports your growth hormones as you age. 
  5. Complements your breathing, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health. 

How More Sleep Can Lead to More Life 

The increased level of those diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, and other chronic diseases is evidence that the growing population is officially sick from being tired. We are dying for a good night’s sleep. 

At Orangetheory Fitness, we rang in 2018 exercising the concept of More Life. Our brand purpose is simple: to help people live a longer, more vibrant life. The secret to More Life does not come at the cost of less sleep. As we now know, sleep deprivation can lead to a host of medical issues and chronic diseases down the road that can potentially shave precious years off of your life. Get MORE out of your workouts with MORE sleep, and it will transform your LIFE. Book Your Workout Today! 

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How Orangetheory Has Transformed the Lives of Its Members: Read These Inspiring Stories! 

Kaitlyn Marshall
12/03/2018 1:31am

How to Power Through Dri-Tri: Advice for First-Timers

 We know what you’re thinking. You hear “Dri-Tri” and you immediately think this event this is reserved for fitness junkies who thrive on intensity and competition.

When you consider a community-backed support system working out alongside you, music that gets your heart pumping, and coaches that inspire your next step, rep, or row, Dri-Tri isn’t only reserved for the hard-core athletes.

It’s for all levels – including you.

For all you first timers out there, take advantage of these tips to motivate and encourage you to reach your personal best during the ultimate personal fitness challenge, the OTF Dri-Tri.

What Is Dri-Tri?

This out-of-water triathlon is a semi-annual fitness event consisting of a 2000m row, 300 bodyweight reps, followed by a 5k run on the treadmill. It’s hosted twice a year to provide you the opportunity to track your progress over time.

Maybe you’ve completed one of these benchmark exercises at one point during class, but the mere thought of completing them all at once already has your stomach in knots.

Nervous to sign up?

Don’t be – and here’s why:

We’re all in this together. Think of those around you not as your competitors, but as your inspiration to push yourself to your optimal potential. The only real competition is with yourself, and it ultimately comes down to your personal growth and development.

Technology is on your side. Your heart rate monitor was designed to help you gauge your level of effort. So, listen to it. If you’re confident and feeling alive in the Orange Zone, push harder. If you can’t catch your breath in the Red Zone, take it down a notch. You’re not doing your body any favors by ignoring your heart rate – It’s the only muscle that gets to the heart of fitness.

The music will help your mental game. The beat of the music releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and can serve as a natural pain reliever during your All-Out moments!

Already signed up?

Take note of these 3 helpful tips to ease those first-time jitters before you hit the ground running.

During the row, pace yourself. The common mistake of all first-timers is jumping on the rower, only to burn out at the 200m mark. There’s no worse feeling than realizing 1) You’re already burned out, 2) You’ve got 1,800m to go, and 3) it’s only the first leg of the event. Don’t make the mistake of exhausting all of your energy on your first power pull. Rather, focus on perfecting the movement with longer, more efficient strokes to keep some gas in the tank. Here’s a little tip – warm up during the first 300m to get into a rhythm, stay consistent for the next 1400m, and ramp up the last 300m. You must reserve some energy for your shining moment at the finish line.

During the reps, breathe. This is seemingly a no-brainer, but one of the most overlooked exercises to improve performance. if you’re focusing too heavily on your body’s state of fatigue instead of controlling your breathing, a perceived lack of oxygen to the brain can take over and negatively impact your endurance.

During the treadmill, think mind over matter. You’ve prepared for this. You’ve earned this. You deserve this. You’ve given yourself something to train for. All that’s left is the mental strength to get through your All-Out moments. Just think about why you signed up in the first place and let the adrenaline rush work in your favor.

Take it from loyal member Nicole T., who crushed the Dri-Tri despite her medical setbacks. After an undetermined prognosis left her bedridden for almost a year, Nicole felt as though her world collapsed around her. In her weak state, she suffered from an unhealthy weight loss – about 100lbs – before she was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After 18 months of treatment and the right prescription of Orangetheory, she has since come out on top. Not only did she slowly start exercising again, she felt she was up for a challenge. 



It’s inspirational stories like these that answer the question of “Why Dri-Tri?”

It’s the sense of accomplishment after every personal record or milestone in your fitness journey that will continuously inspire you to put more into the studio, and get more out of life. We urge you to power through your excuses, and be proud of yourself.

One last word of advice? Don’t ever get discouraged. If you’re not ready to take on the full distances, we may have something right up your alley. With our Dri-Tri Sprint, you still get the full Dri-Tri experience, but you’re only committing to half the distances! Tackle the challenge by diving into a 1,000m row, 150 bodyweight reps, and a 2.5k run. You know what they say – the only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do.


Whether you’re looking for a challenge, or you’re looking for a way to spice up your normal fitness routine, use the upcoming Dri-Tri as an opportunity to test your strength, power, and endurance, and don’t forget to gauge your improvements over time. You cannot change what you cannot measure, and participation in this personal challenge will serve as a great first step.

Contact your local studio and get geared up for this year’s challenge. You won’t regret it.  

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